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Technical Leadership Capstone Certification


"Leadership: The art of the possible."

Welcome to the Capstone Certification. This program has been meticulously crafted to evaluate and validate the mastery of the content from our Technical Leadership and Advanced Technical Leadership Certificates. By undertaking this certification, you not only showcase your commitment to excellence but also affirm your hands-on application of key principles and methodologies.

  • Demonstrate content mastery of attended courses.
  • Provide and explain documentation of application and outcomes.

Expectations & Requirements:

  • Have successfully completed (21) required courses with 10+ courses completed within the last two years.
  • No additional cost to complete the Leadership Capstone Certification after completion of required courses.

Take the Final Step:

  • If you've completed the requirements and are prepared to demonstrate your leadership prowess, register now and earn your Leadership Capstone Certification.
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Capstone Certification Timeline

Key Principles Presentations

  • Teach the five Key Principles (Empathy, Esteem, Involvement, Share, and Support) to an instructor.
  • Present an overview of each KP, their purposes, and benefits.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the KPs with application examples and outcomes.
  • Provide visuals via flash drive or handouts for the instructor.
  • Accomplished: "excellent" on at least four KPs.
  • Satisfactory: "successful" on at least four KPs.

Documentation of Content Application

  • Showcase and explain your completed discussion planners (DPs) from ten classes.
  • Present two copies of completed DPs.
  • Explain each DP, its background, the discussion's effectiveness, and behavioral impacts.
  • Accomplished: "excellent" on at least nine DPs.
  • Satisfactory: "successful" on at least seven DPs.

Lead a Performance Discussion

  • Conduct a performance discussion with the instructor (acting as a team member) on a class subject.
  • Review a provided case study.
  • Prepare a discussion planner within 10 minutes.
  • Accomplished: "excellent" on the DPs.
  • Satisfactory: "successful" on the DPs.

Feedback Session

  • Receive constructive feedback from the instructor on your overall performance.
  • Listen to feedback on areas of strength and areas needing improvement.
  • Understand the instructor's decision regarding certification achievement.

Wrap-up and Next Steps

  • Conclude the session and understand the next steps, whether they involve further training or awarding of the certification.

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