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General Questions

  • We offer professional development training in the form of workshops, boot camps, industry credential exam preparation and roundtables for various topics including agile project management, cybersecurity, operational excellence, data analytics, leadership development and programming languages. Browse our program categories.
  • Actionable Insights. What is the goal of learning if you can’t use it? Effective training helps you get comfortable with concepts, provides an opportunity to learn in a safe environment, and helps you transition that learning into on-the-job performance. The Technology & Leadership Center helps facilitate that transfer of learning into job behavior change by setting the learner up for success prior to training. When possible, we try to work with the learner’s manager as well. The training sessions use a mix of learning methods regardless of the mode of delivery and include hands-on practices so that the learner can demonstrate, receive feedback and improve their skill.
  • After training has concluded extra learning opportunities are provided so that the learner can continue to practice outside of the classroom. By practicing their skills in the workplace where they will utilize these skills in the future, the behaviors become habits.
  • Our faculty members and instructors are carefully vetted and experienced experts, industry leaders and senior practitioners who bring real-world insights to coursework and training.  See the full roster on our About page.
  • We offer a variety of courses each month. Please check our course schedule and/or browse the all courses page to find out when your course is available.
  • Training costs vary with a range of pricing depending on program, exam fees, length of course and materials costs. Pricing information can be found with each particular program.
  • On-campus classrooms
  • Virtual synchronous classrooms via Zoom or MS Teams
  • Self-paced eLearning
  • On-site at company location

    How can the TLCenter help with career development?

    • Credentials mean degrees, diplomas, certificates, transcripts, reports, documents, or letters of designation, marks, appellations, series of letters, numbers, or words which signify or appear to signify enrollment, attendance, progress, or satisfactory completion of the requirements or prerequisites for any educational program.
    • Certifications are designated credentials earned by an individual to verify their legitimacy and competence to perform a job. Your certification is typically displayed as a document stating that as a professional, you've been trained, educated and are prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for your role. This statement is awarded only after you've passed the proper assessments administered by a recognized third-party credentialing institution.
    • PDU's or Professional Development Units (along with other terms like CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or ILUs (International Learning Units, along with many other similar acronyms) are a way to keep your certification relevant. Remaining certified in any discipline means keeping up with the changes in that field. Getting PDUs is a way to show a prospective employer or client that you’ve stayed abreast of developments in your line of work and that your certification isn’t gathering dust on a wall.
    • Digital Badges are an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed and verified online. These badges can be earned in a wide variety of environments, an increasing number of which are online. Visit our Digital Badge page to learn more.


      • Enrolling for a course is easy. On any course page, find the list of upcoming courses available. Simply click on the date of the course you wish to attend and click the "add to cart" button. Then proceed to checkout. If you haven't already created an account, you will be requested to do so. Then proceed to the payment page. 
      • For assistance, please contact our team at (314) 935-4444 or tlcenter@wustl.edu.
      • Visit our Roundtables page and fill out the form, a representative will be in touch shortly.
      • Email Ellen Boyne @ boyne@wustl.edu.
      • Contact us at (314) 935-4444.
      • Visit our Boot Camps page to discover the right camp for you, and then follow the link provided for a full description and registration options.
      • If you already know which boot camp you would like to attend, fill out this form Boot Camp Interest Form.
      • Most companies will offer some form of tuition assistance, but for credit-bearing classes only, so it's best to check with your manager or HR department for eligibility. If you're planning to attend training, we recommend including the request as part of your professional development plan. Financial support for training is more likely if the new additional skills are beneficial for both you and your organization.
      • A full refund will be given when a registrant cancels more than five business days prior to the start of the class. Cancellations received within 5 business days of the start of the class and no-shows will be billed in full. Another person may be substituted at any time at no additional charge. 

        A request to transfer a class to a future date can only occur if the request is more than 5 business days prior to the start of class.  Otherwise, the request will be considered a cancellation and the policy will apply.

      • Courses: Typically the enrollment deadline for most courses is one week prior to the start of the course. See individual course pages for specific deadlines.
      • Roundtables: Enrollment deadlines vary depending on the method of attendance. Virtual attendees may register up to one day prior to the event. 
      • Boot Camps: New programs begin each quarter and includes an application process. Start dates vary by program with rolling admissions. 
      • TLCenter courses come with an exam guarantee. If you don’t pass your certification exam the first time you take it, you can sit in another offering of the exam prep course if seats are available. This is at no cost. Costs for exam retakes are not covered.

      Parking & Directions

      • Parking is available in the East End Garage and has two entrance points. One entrance is off Forest Park Parkway and the other is off Forsyth Boulevard. From Forest Park Parkway, turn onto Hoyt Drive and proceed to the underground garage. From Forsyth Boulevard, turn onto Wrighton Way and proceed to the underground garage.
      • As you enter the garage, you will need to pull a ticket to gain entry and park in the designated visitor spaces located on Level P1. Please be sure to park in the visitor parking only to avoid receiving a parking citation. The TLC is not responsible for any citations issued. There is no cost to you for parking but you will need to get a validation ticket from the TLC to exit the garage.

      Directions to Lopata Hall

      • From the Parking Garage, take the elevator to Level 1 which is located in the corner by the North Entry/Exit (near Hoyt Drive). As you exit the elevator, proceed ahead and go left to continue on the sidewalk. The Scott Rudolph Hall will be the first building you will pass on your right. Continue until you reach the 2nd archway which is identified at the top of the archway as ‘The Sever Institute of Technology’. At the top of the stairs, enter Lopata Hall on your right. The elevator will be to your left. The Technology & Leadership Center is located on the 5th floor.

      • From the Metrolink, exit the Skinker station towards the WashU campus. Go under the archway to enter the inner campus, and proceed East towards Brookings Hall and pass it on the right side. Continue until you reach the 2nd archway which is identified at the top of the archway as ‘The Sever Institute of Technology’. At the top of the stairs, enter Lopata Hall on your right. The elevator will be to your left. The Technology & Leadership Center is located on the 5th floor.
      Handicap Accessible Instructions
      • Proceed from the parking garage or Metrolink elevators towards Brookings Hall and pass it on the right side. The Scott Rudolph Hall will be the first building you will pass on your right. Continue towards the 2nd archway which is identified at the top of the archway as ‘The Sever Institute of Technology’. Before reaching the stairway, there is a curved ramp down to the 1st floor entryway into Lopata Gallery. On the far side of the Gallery is the elevator. The Technology & Leadership Center is located on the 5th floor.

      • For a campus map showing Lopata Hall, click here


      • Roundtables are held in the Knight Center (#66 on attached map) on Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus. The campus address is 1 Brookings Drive, St Louis, MO 63130. Parking is in the Millbrook (#95) or Snow Way (#97) garages. Both garages are accessed from Throop Drive. To reach Throop Drive from Skinker Blvd, turn west onto Forest Park Parkway and then turn left onto Throop at the 2nd light. From Big Bend Blvd turn east on Forest Park Parkway and then turn right at the 1st light. Millbrook garage will be immediately on your left or go a few hundred yards and turn right to reach Snow Way.


      • Pull a ticket to gain access to the garage and park in the designated visitor spaces. In Millbrook, visitor parking is on the 4th level on the south side. In Snow Way, visitor parking is on the 4th level (roof). We will provide you with a validation ticket to exit the garage. The Knight Center is across from Millbrook garage and adjacent to Snow Way garage.
      • For a campus map showing the Knight Center, click here

      The COLLAB at Cortex is located at 4220 Duncan Ave, St. Louis, Mo.


      • Paid hourly parking is available on the 311 S. Sarah Street lot or the N. Silo lot (4052 Forest Park Ave), both are accessible off Sarah Street. Check out the visitor parking map that Cortex has provided here for more info. Metered street parking is available along Sarah Street, Duncan Avenue and Boyle Avenue. 2 Hour Visitor Parking On the 311 S. Sarah parking lot. There are spaces along the Duncan side of the lot marked as “2 Hour Visitor Parking.” If you park there, you must check in at the 4220 desk and provide make/model/color of vehicle. It will also help if visitors are kind enough to drop by and check out as they leave the building. The spots are monitored. You are welcome to park in any of the other spots, but these are designated for short-term parking. Just remember, you might get a ticket if you are not registered with security.


      • Go into 4220 Duncan and check in at the security desk (if parked on street) located in the main breezeway. The elevators are across from the security desk, and you should take them to the 3rd floor. Turn left out of the elevators, and the COLLAB rooms (A&B) are down the hall.
      •  For a map showing the Cortex District, click here


      • The garage address is 4560 Children’s Place, St. Louis, MO 63110. Upon arriving, please utilize levels 6-7 of the Metro Parking Garage located at the corner of Taylor Avenue and Children’s Place.


      • Go to level 3 to enter into the pedestrian walkway. Press handicap button to open the door. Turn left into the walkway. Make the first right (past Kaldi’s Coffee). Proceed a short distance, and you will enter EPNEC at the 2nd level.

      • For more information and a Map, click here
      • Virtual classes are delivered via Zoom. Look for more instructions on your section for specific information.
      • A link to your virtual class will be sent via a calendar appointment.
      • Prior to taking any virtual class, please test your system. You can test Zoom here: "https://zoom.us/test" 
      • Yes, proceed from the East End underground parking garage or Metrolink elevators towards Brookings Hall (The Castle) and pass it on the left side. The Scott Rudolph Hall will be the first building you will pass on your right. Continue towards the 2nd stone archway which is identified at the top of the archway as ‘The Sever Institute of Technology’. Before reaching the stairway, there is a curved ramp down to the 1st floor entryway into Lopata Gallery. On the far side of the Gallery is the elevator. The Technology & Leadership Center is located on the 5th floor. Please call 314-935-4444 for assistance.

      Leadership Certificates

      • The Technical Leadership Certificate is an 11-course program that delivers powerful tools and practical skills to help motivate and inspire, manage conflict and provide adaptable strategies to lead through others.  Courses are designed to bolster the leadership skills of a seasoned manager, as well as to develop the up-and-coming talent.
      • Whether you're a business analyst, project manager or senior leader, this professional development program enables leaders to drive organizational success at every level, regardless of your specific leadership role. Participants come away with better decision making and problem-solving ability in each of the following competencies: Communication, Coaching, Performance Management, Change Management and Conflict Management. 
      • Accessibility to this open enrollment certificate is offered in-person or online. The Technical Leadership Certificate Program can be completed in as little as six months, and each competency group can be completed in 3-5 months. If you miss a course, your progress will be maintained.
      • The Advanced Technical Leadership Certification is a 10-course program, plus a capstone panel,  that builds upon the Technical Leadership Certificate. This program adds in more training topics and methods to round out your leadership tool box. Additionally, you will earn the Certification by proving your ability to apply the key principles, incorporate the interaction essentials and give effective feedback via a capstone program and activities with instructors and staff from the Technology & Leadership Center.  This certificate can be completed in as little as 3-9 months.



      • Professionals interested in staying on top of best practices and industry trends are invited to these discussion forums on campus or virtually. Led by industry experts from around the country, roundtables provide a unique opportunity for collaboration, networking and practical guidance outside of your normal work environment. Facilitators lead discussions on the most pressing issues facing IT organizations today, with participants helping to direct and shape each topic of conversation. 
      Full season: $1,400
      Full season with subscription: $1,000 (reserve by 1/31/23)
      Per session: $350
      • April 13, 2023
      • June 8, 2023
      • August 10, 2023
      • October 12, 2023

      Full season: $5,600
      Full season with subscription: $4,000 (reserve by 1/31/23)
      Per session: $700

      • March 16, 2023
      • April 20, 2023
      • May 18, 2023
      • June 15, 2023
      • August 17, 2023
      • September 21, 2023
      • October 19, 2023
      • November 9, 2023

      Full season: $2,800
      Full season with subscription: $2,000 (reserve by 1/31/23)
      Per session: $350

      • March 9, 2023
      • April 6, 2023
      • May 11, 2023
      • June 1, 2023
      • August 3, 2023
      • September 7, 2023
      • October 5, 2023
      • November 2, 2023
      • 20% off all courses for employees for your organization
      • 10% off all roundtables
      • 2 lunch & learns
      • Acknowledgement on the TLCenter Website
      • Complimentary (1) seat in any non-certification class
      • Complimentary (1) seat in a Roundtable session of your choosing. 

      Boot Camps

      • Our Boot Camps help prepare for a career in high demand, fast-growing fields through effective online formats. During the boot camp journey, experienced instructors guide participants in learning valuable skills with the added support of a team dedicated to helping them build the future that’s right for them. With convenient weekend and evening sessions, the program is designed to accommodate for those with a busy schedule.
      • The Washington University Data Analytics Boot Camp is a part-time, 24 week program that will empower you to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct robust analytics on a host of real-world problems. The program is designed to fit into your life, whether you're employed or attending college full-time, with convenient weekend and evening sessions. The program is rigorous, fast-paced and focused on the practical technical skills needed to solve data problems. Throughout the course, you'll be gaining proficiencies on a host of marketable technologies like Advanced Excel, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub and more. 
      • This part-time, 24-week Washington University Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in IT, networking and modern information security. Throughout the course, you will gain experience with a host of popular tools such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nessus and more. In addition, students will learn skills applicable to certifications such as the CompTIA Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which can greatly enhance desirability and employability in today's job market. You will also learn methods, techniques and best practices for convincingly conveying the severity of the risks facing an organization's security posture.
      • This part-time, 24-week Washington University Coding Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program in a fast-growing career track. This Boot Camp teaches you the specialized skills you need to tap into this rewarding industry. Through a fast-paced, immersive curriculum, you’ll learn the skills needed to become proficient in front end and back end technologies. As you embark on this 24-week journey, you’ll dive into a challenging curriculum and learn more than you thought was possible. With a virtual classroom environment and collaboration with your classmates, you will get hands-on experience in full stack web development.

      Corporate Training

      • The importance of corporate training is to ensure your team and managers are all on the same page when it comes to company goals and objectives. A clock can’t tell time if the cogs don’t match up well, just like your company can suffer if your staff doesn’t get the training they need. Continued training in a person’s career has become a huge part of corporate culture to ensure each company or organization it able to give their peek performance.
      • The TLCenter's programs can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. Training can be delivered in the format that best suits your team, whether that be at your location, on campus, virtually or via E-Learning.
      • With our training solutions, we can help you access your organization's needs and develop solutions that improve productivity and increase your bottom line.
      • We strive to bring out the best but not everybody will learn everything. Our training will bring some positive changes to your company including better communication between staff and customers, problem solving & decision-making skills, building personal confidence for leadership roles, crucial prioritization and time management skills, teamwork strategies for peak performance and proper work place culture practices.
      • As far as pricing is concerned there are some variables that come into play like number of people in the class, hours, location, level of expertise, depth of the pre-assessment, preparation time and post follow-up.
      • We never want price to stop a company from getting what they need, we are happy to work with you to get the results you need at a price your company can afford.
      • We also offer discounts for government and military organizations and non-profit organizations to help those giving back to the communities.
      • 20% off all courses for employees from your organization
      • 10% off all roundtables 
      • 2 lunch & learns
      • Acknowledgement on the TLCenter website
      • Complimentary (1) seat in any non-certification class
      • Complimentary (1) seat in a Roundtable session of your choosing.


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      Industry Credentials & Exam Preparation

      • An industry-recognized credential is a verification of an individual's qualification or competence. A third party with authority issues a credential. Industry-recognized credentials are valued in the labor market and are a validation of knowledge and skill. They can take many forms, including certifications, certificates and licenses.
      • For more information on our offerings visit our Industry Credentials page.
      • In addition to helping students meet graduation requirements, earning an industry-recognized credential allows students to learn about a particular skill set or job and demonstrate mastery of skills. Students learn more deeply by practicing and applying their knowledge through work and employment experiences They learn about workplace expectation and professional skills needed for employment, as well as learning about career pathways.
      • Industry-recognized credentials provide an opportunity to earn a livable wage while pursuing additional education. Some industry-recognized credentials can be used as evidence of prior learning and can be awarded college credit.

      About Project Management

      • When looking at earning a certificate in Agile, it’s important to understand your goals. Are you joining a project team and trying to get a fundamental level of understanding? Are you trying to become proficient as a member of the PM team using tools such as Microsoft Project? The Technology & Leadership Center has programs for both, as well as programs to help achieve industry certifications in Project Management.
      • Associate in Project Management
      • BVOP Certified Project Manager
      • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
      • Certified Project Director
      • Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP)
      • Certified Project Manager (CPM)
      • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
      • CompTIA Project+
      • Master Project Manager (MPM)
      • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner
      • Professional in Project Management (PPM)
      • Project Management in IT Security (PMITS)
      • Project Management Professional (PMP)
      • Talking of the dilemma between the PMI-PMP and PMI-ACP specifically, it should be noted that while PMP is a broader application carrying more influence, the PMI-ACP is specific to Agile methodologies that are increasing gaining popularity for their adaptability in unpredictable circumstances.
      • The PMP, or Project Management Professional, certification is acquired through the Project Management Institute. To earn this certification, you must have a mix of history working on projects and have certain education and training levels met. See the PMI website for full PMP requirements.
      • Completing 35 hours of training is part of the requirement. The PMP Exam Prep course through the WashU Technology & Leadership Center not only satisfies that requirement, but also prepares you for what will be covered on the test. See the next offering of the PMP Exam Prep course here.
      • To get certified as a PMP, you should start by creating an account with the Project Management Institute. During the application process for the PMP, you will be prompted to set an exam date and time. Becoming a member of the PMI has its benefits. Becoming a member earns you a substantial discount on the exam fee itself. For this reason, the cost of the exam is not included in our PMP Exam Prep course, allowing us to keep the price low.
      • Where you take certification exams depends on the program you are pursuing. Sometimes, you have to go to a testing center, such as Pearson Vue Testing. If you are pursuing an EC-Council certification, WashU Technology & Leadership Center staff can proctor your exam. Online/virtual proctoring is also an option. Regardless of the location, proctored exams are intended to ensure the individual has a solid grasp of the material and worthy of certification. WashU Technology & Leadership Center exam prep courses prepare you for success. A good best practice is to schedule your proctored certification exam approximately 1 month after completing the course. This time allows you to review all sections, improve knowledge gaps, and ultimately achieve certification.

      What are the available dining options?

      What is the Sever Institute?

      • For more than 70 years, the Sever Institute has fostered a rich tradition of service to St. Louis and the world by providing educational experiences through part and full time master's degree programs that prepare students who are just beginning on their career paths, as well as those who are seasoned veterans. Our graduates are renowned for responding to society's needs and pushing disciplinary frontiers translating technological innovations into real-world impact. Learn more about the Sever Institute

      If I still have a question, who do I contact?

      • Contact the TLCenter team at 314-935-4444, email us at tlcenter@wustl.edu or fill our the form below.