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At Washington University’s Technology & Leadership Center, engagement and collaboration are at the heart of our mission and the foundation of the WashU experience. How we create value depends on the needs of your organization — and your goals for the future.

We work in partnership with your organization to create uniquely tailored learning experiences customized to meet your development needs and initiatives. We make employee training easy and accessible through traditional classroom style training, remote courses and e-learning. The results are profound, teams that are cohesive and more aligned and organizations that are better prepared to meet today and tomorrow's challenges.


By choosing the TLCenter as your employee training provider, your organization gains access to thought leaders, top-tier continuing education, and exceptional leadership development programs, drawing from the knowledge of prominent subject matter experts across industries. For tailored solutions or to learn more about our offerings, schedule a meeting with Ellen Boyne. Additionally, discover the benefits of our Corporate Membership Program.

Training Courses & Topics

The types of corporate training skills below are not all we can do! Contact us to find out what else we have to offer!


Let's work together to a create customized and effective training solution designed for impact, speed and scale.

Needs Analysis Stage Image

1. Needs Analysis

The first step is a needs analysis of your company or organization. This exercise considers the overall goals at the level of the enterprise with an assessment to determine if any missing skills are required in order to meet those goals. We can then propose training solutions that can help address these gaps. As part of the needs analysis questions to consider may include:
  1. What are your highest priorities?
  2. What are the expected outcomes from the new training solution?
  3. What are the potential barriers that may impact performance and/or goal achievements?
  4. What is the expected timeline in order to see positive results?

Solution Development Stage Image

2. Solution Development

Once the needs analysis is complete we work together with the client to define each objective. During the solution development step, each plan is customized with the agreed upon business goals, as well as the right delivery method for the optimal learning experience (e.g., e-learning, in-person or hybrid). 

V Model for Solutions

Measurement Stage Image

3. Measurement

There are a number of ways in which training can be measured and evaluate. These include ROI, impact, application, adoption, knowledge gain and learner reaction. Questions we consider with our partners at the completion of any training program include:

  1. Did learning styles and the teaching environment meet expectations? 
  2. Were trainees able to understand, comprehend and retain learning materials and outcomes?
  3. What additional resources can we provide to assist in the application of the course material and the measurement of the success from the new learning outcomes?

Implementation & Delivery Stage Image

4. Implementation / Delivery

Depending on schedule alignment, the TLCenter can start the implementation process generally within 30 days of the approved proposal. As training courses and programs are fully customized, project timelines are built to accommodate your training needs. When you partner with us, you can expect seamless and straight-forward project implementation with a quick turnaround. However, more in-depth projects may take longer.

Customer: Scoping & Framing Approval
WashU: Instructional Design Scoping & Framing 
Customer: Contract Approval
WashU: Solution Development
Customer: Project Approval
WashU: Project Implementation  

Corporate Training Programs to Invest in Your Employees and Invest in your Bottom Line

Your employees are your greatest asset. Successful organizations understand the value of training their employees. Our high impact training programs can be tailored to your company's goals and initiatives. Our instructors bring real-world experience and insight to the classroom. To make sure your current and new employees have the skill sets they need to increase productivity, consider private training programs with Washington University technology and leadership center to learn a variety of soft skills and competencies.

Invest in Employees Image

Our Expertise

Access to subject matter experts dealing with problems today

At WashU, we bring together the best industry-certified academics and professional development consultants - all with real-world experience and mostly working in and training top Fortune 500 Companies - to deliver enterprise learning based on the latest ideas, research, and experience. Most have many decades of experience on average, but are still learning and implementing new skills every day.

Their deep understanding of complex technical and leadership skills translates into practical insights, problem-solving techniques advanced training methods, and engaging experiences that drive business impact for your team.

How we work with stakeholders across the organization

Employee development is not just about employees. Starting with the decision making players at the top and trickling down all through the program, we can work with multiple job roles across an organization, including:

  • Business unit manager
  • The manager(s) of the learners
  • Human resources and IT departments
  • The Learners
  • Procurement and business offices

And this is all for the most important stakeholder: The customer! Your customers benefit the most from the customized solutions because your employees will be able to handle customer interactions more efficiently.

Discover the Perfect Training Solution for Your Organization

To discuss corporate training initiatives call 314-935-4444, setup a meeting or use this form to indicate your preferences. Programs are offered both through online courses and in-person. Email tlcenter@wustl.edu for questions.
Learn more about our other leadership training courses and targeted skills certification programs where you benefit from:
  • High-impact, "stackable" courses that generate immediate ROI for existing and future leaders.
  • Structured learning and development experiences taught by industry-leading employee development experts.
  • The WashU Technology and Leadership Center's authorized training partnerships and certified instructors.
  • Short online training offered in a frequent rotation throughout the year.

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