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Strong leadership is essential to business success at all levels of the organization. The TLCenter offers an array of leadership development training courses and certificate programs to bolster the technical skills of the seasoned manager, as well as high-potential talent, creating and empowering future leaders who can coach, motivate and drive decision making. Discover how our online and virtual courses develop the effective leadership skills every organization needs.   Skip to courses

Why choose the Technology & Leadership Center at Washington University in St. Louis

> High-impact, "stackable" courses designed for immediate ROI

> Structured professional development, taught by industry experts

> Training partner for continuing PDUs

> WashU's TLCenter is a PMI® Authorized Training Partner

> Short, in-person and online courses offered throughout the year

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Technical Leadership Development Certificate Program

Technical Leadership Certificate

Participants in the Technical Leadership Certificate Program will learn and achieve the leadership development skills needed to increase team and organizational effectiveness. Students in this leadership training program must complete 11 courses in total from the Communication, Coaching, Performance Management, Conflict Management and Change Management competencies to earn the Technical Leadership certificate. This leadership development program can also be customized to fit specific organizational development needs. Interested in developing a customized leadership certificate program in your organization? We can work with your human resources department or leadership development officers to build a program to meet your need. Please contact Client Relationship Manager, Ellen Boyne

Communication Development Certificate Program

Communication Certificate

Participants in the Communication Certificate program will learn public speaking, business strategy writing, mass media and other interpersonal communication styles to help build a foundation for more effective leadership. Minimum required to earn certificate: 4 courses.

Coaching Development Certificate Program

Coaching Certificate

Participants in the Coaching Certificate program will learn how to create a space for daily coaching opportunities between those in leadership roles and team colleagues. Minimum required to earn certificate: 4 courses.

Performance Management Development Certificate Program

Performance Management Certificate

In order to maximize alignment to goals and top business priorities, participants in the Performance Management Certificate Program will learn how to conduct more impactful discussions across the enterprise. Minimum required to earn certificate: 4 courses.

Conflict Management Development Certificate ProgramCnfMgmt_01aa

Conflict Management Certificate

Participants in the Conflict Management Certificate Program will learn effective communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills to help manage conflicts and restore focus to the company’s business goals. Minimum required to earn certificate: 4 courses.

Change Management Development Certificate Program

Change Management Certificate

Participants in the Change Management Certificate Program will learn project management techniques and methodologies for effectively implementing organizational change as well as change initiatives like new processes, products and structures. Minimum required to earn certificate: 4 courses.

What our Student's are saying 

"I love the breakdown of the course. There are strategies that I could apply as soon as tomorrow with presenting to my stakeholders." MGT620: Writing, Speaking and Presenting with Confidence
"I rated this overall an exceptional class. The materials, discussions, and outcomes are all applicable for use every day." MGT635: Conversations to Inspire Performance
"Great for both leaders and direct reports!" MGT641: Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
"Class had strong interaction with participants and was very relevant to the current changes going on in my role." MGT650: Driving Change
"This is a perfect capstone class and the most directly relevant to a leader's most difficult job" MGT660: Resolving Workplace Conflict