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Series 2: Health Care OpEx Tools & Techniques Certificate

About the Health Care OpEx Tools & Techniques Certificate

 This certificate is designed to empower professionals who are ready to accelerate their careers and lead health care transformation within their department and across their organization.
Series 2 courses focus on Lean and Six Sigma tools and management as it relates to continual and sustainable results. Throughout the second series, participants will learn the principles, thinking, and tools associated with Lean and be able to apply A3 problem solving for health care.

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Series 2 Coursework:

Healthcare OpEx Tools & Techniques Certificate
Prerequisite: Series 1 Op Ex Essentials Coursework

Series 2 Course Descriptions

OpEx 530: Essential Lean Concepts

Prerequisite: Series 1 Op Ex Essential coursework

In this course, participants will learn the essential elements of a Lean Management System and how to accomplish sustainable results and develop a continuous improvement culture. Through simulation and case studies, participants will gain an understanding of how to apply core Lean tools including Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Visual Management and Standard Work. Guest speakers will further illuminate the experience by sharing their own technical and personal journeys. Certificate participants will deepen and demonstrate their knowledge of Lean by learning to plan and lead Rapid Improvement Events and other group activities and tactics.

OpEx 540: Fundamentals of Six Sigma

Prerequisites: Series 1 Op Ex Essential coursework, OpEx 530

In this course, participants will become competent in using tools associated with the five phases of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) problem-solving process, which provides a proven template for improving and monitoring process efficiency to ensure consistent results over time. These tools may include Critical to Quality Matrix (CTQ), Failure Modes Effectiveness Analysis (FMEA) and Statistical Analysis. Participants will apply principles and tools to collect and analyze data to effect change. As they progress, students will learn about the expectations and competencies needed to become a trained Six Sigma leader in their organizations.

OpEx 570: Strategy of Application

Prerequisites: Series 1 Op Ex Essential coursework, OpEx 530 and OpEx 540

 This course will equip participants in applying Lean and Six Sigma tools learned in previous OpEx coursework. Learning will be facilitated using self-paced e-learning using modules, videos and case studies. Former participants and Lean practitioners will share experiences with tools to facilitate learning. The focus of the course is application of tools using a simulated health care problem. Leadership skills needed to apply the tools will be explored. By the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively apply A3 problem solving to a healthcare issue.