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Series 1: Health Care OpEx Essentials Certificate

About the Health Care OpEx Essentials Series & Certificate

This certificate empowers professionals to lead health care transformation by achieving operational excellence, reducing costs, optimizing efficiencies and improving employee engagement and patient care outcomes.
Series 1 courses focus on the foundational concepts necessary for the analysis, management and improvement of processes that deliver safe, high-quality, reliable care.
Throughout the series, participants will gain a fundamental understanding of operational excellence, acquire the knowledge to facilitate team processes to maximize productivity and results, and learn how to utilize a disciplined project management methodology for process improvement within health care.
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Series 1 Coursework:

Health Care OpEx Essential Certificate

Series 1 Course Descriptions

OpEx 500: Health Care Operational Excellence Principles

This introductory course is designed to give students an overview of operational excellence methods and tools. Specific focus is placed on the operational definition and history of operational excellence in health care. Students will learn the fundamentals of operational excellence principles and how the organizational complexities, regulatory and economic framework, and nuances of health care impact the ability to apply them. Students will explore both health care and non-health care examples of performance improvement and operational excellence efforts within different organizations and from different stakeholder perspectives.

OpEx 510: Change Management & Facilitation Strategy

Students will explore how to facilitate team processes to maximize productivity and results. This course addresses how to get things done when teams lack leadership or authority. Supporting topics include how to build teams, manage meetings, build relationships beyond the team, and keep teams effective over their life span. The course also integrates strategy and organizational due diligence with facilitation and change strategies. Students will learn to consider the process and the techniques of change to various types of organizations while using useful design frameworks for facilitation.

OpEx 520: Project Management in Health Care

This course is a practical and experiential orientation to project management processes and methodology specifically as applied to health care. Participants will engage in project initiation including organizational alignment and charter development. Participants will also build competency in project execution, monitoring and controlling. The course will include management of triple constraint (time, cost, schedule) and skills to align sponsors and critical stakeholders. Lastly, the course will integrate key concepts of initiating change, project prioritization, business analysis, performance improvement and effective facilitation.