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Now over 50 years old, ISACA is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today's world is powered by information and technology. ISACA equips professionals with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organizations.

ISACA leverages the expertise of its vast network of engaged professionals in information and cybersecurity, governance, assurance, risk and innovation, as well as its enterprise performance subsidiary to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide.

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ISACA Certification Maintenance

Best Practice Organization Methods to Maintain Certification Professional Development Hours Renewal Cycle
ISACA • Retake exam
• Read articles
• Write articles and publications
• Participate in conferences
• Online training
• Volunteering
• Teaching, Lecturing
On-Demand Learning
• 120 hours every 3 years
• At least 20 hours every year
• Reporting due by the end of each calendar year.
3 years