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For over 40 years, the Technology & Leadership Center at Washington University in St. Louis has been committed to providing personalized, expert training courses and solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Unlike many training programs, we prioritize meaningful, personal interactions between our learners and expert instructors. This approach not only ensures that you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, but also enables you to build lasting relationships with your professional peers and instructors who are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

Our mission is to empower adult learners to excel in the workplace. Whether you're looking to advance your career, stay current in a fast-paced industry, or develop your team's skills, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential. With our customizable training options, we can tailor our programs to your unique needs and objectives.


Our Training Programs


Looking to develop your skills and advance your career, but don't have the time to pursue an advanced degree? The Technology & Leadership Center at Washington University in St. Louis provides high-quality, relevant, and easily accessible learning opportunities that help individuals, businesses, and communities prosper.

Our training programs cater to professionals seeking to enter a new field, continuing professional education, or obtaining industry certifications. We offer personalized training, certification, and credential specialties in Agile/Project Management, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Operational Excellence, and more.

Our corporate training programs are tailored in partnership with organizations to meet their strategic goals and learning objectives. Our instructors bring expertise, real-world experience, and insight to the classroom, making the learning experience engaging and valuable.

At the Technology & Leadership Center, we are committed to helping individuals gain the knowledge and skills they need to stand out in the workplace and achieve their goals.

Our key offerings include:


Course Instructors


Instructor - Luis Arzu

Luis Arzu

Instructor - Susan Bandi

Susan Bandi


Alan Berry

Instructor - Chetan Bhatia

Chetan Bhatia

Instructor - Gary Harbison

Gary Harbison

Instructor - Josh Jaffe

Josh Jaffe

Instructor - Josh Knapp

Josh Knapp

Leadership Development

Instructor - Lori Bleitner

Lori Bleitner

Instructor - JD Fraily

J.D. Frailey

Instructor - Ladan Kamfur

Ladan Kamfar

Instructor - Debra Lassman

Debra Lassman

Instructor - Natalia Litoldo

Natalia Litoldo

Instructor - Gretchen Pettet

Gretchen Pettet

Operational Excellence

Instructor - Jay Fedora

Jay Fedora

Instructor - Lashonda Griffin

Lashonda Griffin

Instructor - Kevin Leesberg

Kevin Leeseberg

Instructor - Leroy Love

Leroy Love

Instructor - Eric Warnhoff

Eric Warnhoff

Project Management


Ozzie Lomax

Instructor - Gina Niebrugge

Gina Niebrugge


Instructor - Chris Kientzle

Chris Kientzle

Data Analysis

Instructor - Saebyl McDoulett

Saebyl McDoulett

Business Analysis

Instructor - Trent Soldwish - Zoole

Trent Soldwish-Zoole

Roundtable Hosts

Roundtable Host - AJ Eads

AJ Eads

Roundtable Host - Gary Latham

Gary Latham

Roundtable Host - Dave Oleksa

Dave Oleksa

Villmer Profile 4

Jeff Villmer

TLCenter Staff
TLCenter Director - Joe Streit

Joe Streit

Director, Executive & Professional Education Programs
TLCenter Marketing Director - Debra WIlliams

Debra Williams

Director of Marketing

Tamira Meier

Senior Business Manager
Administration - Sue Becker

Sue Becker

Administrative Coordinator
Client Relations - Ellen Boyne

Ellen Boyne

Client Relationship Manager
eLearning - Joe Depczynski

Joe Depczynski

eLearning & Development Specialist
Cindy Heidorn - Accounting

Cindy Heidorn

Department Accountant II

Ian Rowland

Administrative Coordinator
Bryant Webster Headshot

Bryant Webster

Corporate Relations Manager