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Change Management Certificate

Change is a constant in business - and its a good thing. change management certificateThere are business opportunities to explore, new technologies to implement, and different work processes to invent that can save time, money and aggravation. In fact, you probably started your new job with some potentially brilliant ideas that you hope will improve the way your team works together. But lasting organizational change is tougher to pull off than it sounds. Research shows that approximately 70 percent of workplace change initiatives fail shortly after they are implemented. The number may actually be higher. And, its awfully hard for managers and staff to get motivated when they believe that the latest project from on high is going to die just like the last one... no matter what they do. In reality, the change itself- at least the nuts and bolts of a new process, product, or structure- is rarely the culprit.

Typically, things go wrong because leaders aren't skilled in how to implement change. That brings us to the most important advice about managing change: it can make people very uncomfortable, even fearful. So, from a leadership perspective, driving successful change in the workplace is less about process and more about your team members.

Complete four of the available in-person or online courses to receive a Change Management Certification with the Technology & Leadership Center.

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Change Management Certificate Process

MGT675: Agile Emotional Intelligence: Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Step 1:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT650: Driving Change

Step 2:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT652: Executing Strategy at the Front Line

Step 3:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT654: Leading Teams: Achieve More Together

Step 4:

Register & complete the following course:


Upon completion of the required courses, your Change Mangement Certificate will be awarded.

Certificate Program Course Descriptions

1. Agile Emotional Intelligence: Everything DiSC Agile EQ (4 hrs)

Delivery Options: On Campus and Virtual

The more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous our working environments become, the more critical a truly agile workforce is to success. Each day, we are called to make progress faster, while pivoting on short notice. To stand firm in our ideas while remaining open to new perspectives. This methodology demands that we develop and use our emotional intelligence (EQ)- a level of sophistication that has never been demanded before.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ helps learners explore the concept of emotional intelligence and introduces the idea of Agile EQ- the ability to stretch beyond one's comfort zone and adopt the optimal response in a given situation. It helps participants understand the need for and value of a variety of responses and provides tips and guidance for learning to stretch to those responses that might initially feel uncomfortable. This will help learners become better at managing change along with navigating different workplace challenges and interactions.

Delivery Options: On Campus and Virtual

In today's complex and competitive environment, its no surprise that 70 percent of workplace change initiatives fail. For successful change in the workplace, organizations need competent change leaders who can turn resistance into commitment and inspire team members to take ownership of organizational change.

This course provides the skills and resources leaders need to accelerate the process of implementing and managing change with their teams. Course materials focus on creating a nimble work environment where change is not feared, but embraced.  

Delivery Options: Virtual

To achieve their business strategies, organizations count on leaders at the frontline to understand and execute the top priorities for their team. In this course, change leaders will learn the three critical elements of executing strategy at the front line- Focus, Measurement, and Accountability. They learn how to focus on the few most critical priorities, and to hold themselves and their team members accountable for the metrics. Participants will also explore best practices for accountability, such as determining and communicating accountability- including consequences. 

The Strategy Execution Tool helps leaders capture in one place their top priorities. Using the three elements of executions ensures that leaders and their teams get the right things done, in spite of daily distractions. 

Delivery Options: Virtual

All teams face challenges. A project management leader's role is to identify these hurdles and guide the team's methodology in addressing them. In this course, learners become aware of teams' practical and personal needs and are introduced to six factors by which they can evaluate a team's level of competency and performance. 

Learners experience an immersive, interactive exercise in which they diagnose problems of several teams in a fictitious organization and recommend steps the teams' leaders can take to move toward optimal team performance and professional development. Learners apply this new understanding to their workplace teams and leave the session with an executable plan to promote successful organizational change.

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"Change is the only real constant we have at work and this introduced good skills to implement changes." Driving Change - Change Management Certificate Program
"I learned a lot that I can easily and practically apply to my job." Leading Teams: Achieve More Together - Change Management Certificate Program
(The most important thing I learned was... ) "That I need to spend more time on my own priorities. I'm spending too much time on non-priority work." Executing Strategy at the Front Line - Change Management Certificate Program
"This is very valuable insight to Agile EQ, and I feel like this is readily applicable to my workplace. The instructor was great; Lori did not just read off the slides, she added more valuable content and background." Agile Emotional Intelligence: Everything DiSC Agile EQ - Change Management Certificate Program