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MGT654: Leading Teams: Achieve More Together 

Course summary:
All teams face challenges. Whether an agile leader, project leader, formal or informal leader - the team leader’s role is to identify them and guide the team in addressing them. This course provides practical, actionable tools to boost team performance for business success.
Course experience:
 In this course, learners become aware of teams’ practical and personal needs and are introduced to six factors by which they can evaluate a team’s level of performance. Learners experience an immersive, interactive exercise in which they diagnose problems of several teams in a fictitious organization and recommend steps the teams’ leaders can take to move toward optimal team performance. Learners apply this new understanding to their workplace teams and leave the session with a plan for moving forward toward optimal team performance.
Who should take this course?
Technical professionals wishing to earn Washington University's Advanced Technical Leadership Certificate. This course is designed to teach participants ways to increase their effectiveness with teams, in meetings and in individual discussion with peers, managers, vendors and customers.

Course outline:

  • Welcome: Learners mark their team’s location on the Team Performance Continuum. Learners describe the types of teams they lead and share some of the challenges their teams face. In breakout rooms learners introduce themselves to their team members and each team chooses a name. The facilitator overviews the session agenda.
  • Team Effectiveness Factors: Learners watch a video featuring team members making comments that reveal practical and personal needs. The facilitator reviews the Team Effectiveness Factors and asks learners to identify the factor present in two scenes from the video they just watched.
  • Team Insights Challenge--Introduction: Learners watch a video that introduces the Team Insights Challenge and explains their roles. The facilitator explains how they will access the materials they’ll use in the exercise and identifies a scribe for each team, who will be responsible for recording their team’s responses and inputting data into the scoreboard.
  • Team Insights Challenge--Stations: In breakout rooms teams complete Station 1 in which they create a survey for the Team Effectiveness Factors. Each team scribe inputs their team’s responses into the scoreboard. The facilitator debriefs, introduces best practices, and points out a page in the Course Journal that learners can use to create their own survey or have discussions with team members. In breakout rooms teams complete Station 2 in which they identify symptoms of factors that need to be improved based on interviews of team members. Each team scribe inputs their team’s responses into the scoreboard. The facilitator debriefs and asks the group what best practices they would apply. In breakout rooms teams complete Station 3 in which they rate a team on their strength in the six factors based on a video of a team meeting. Each team scribe inputs their team’s responses into the scoreboard, and the winning consulting team is revealed. The facilitator debriefs and asks the group what best practices they would apply to address factors rated “Poor.”
  • What Can I Do to Help My Team: Learners identify their workplace team’s biggest challenge, the symptoms they see, and the best practices they can apply immediately, within 30 days, and within 60 days. In breakout rooms they share their plan with a partner and get feedback.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify team issues that have an adverse impact on productivity.
  • Diagnose team dynamics and the effect on team and business results.
  • Recognize their role in building and sustaining a high-performing team culture.
  • Apply best practices to help teams overcome challenges.
  • Leverage what they learn for use with their own team.
On Campus Classroom
Day & Time:
Monday June 10, 2024
1 to 5:00 p.m.
Enrollment Deadline:
June 3, 2024
Washington University
Lopata Hall, Room 511
Course Fee(s):

Enrollment Deadline is June 3, 2024 at 5 PM CST. Beyond this date, please call 314-935-4444 to register.

A full refund will be given when a registrant cancels more than five (5) business days prior to the start of the class. Cancellations received within 5 business days of the start of the class and no-shows will be billed in full. Another person may be substituted at any time at no additional charge.

A request to transfer a class to a future date can only occur if the request is more than 5 business days prior to the start of class.  Otherwise, the request will be considered a cancellation and the policy will apply.

Thank you for your interest! Currently, we don't have any additional sessions with availability. However, we're committed to offering ongoing learning opportunities and are working to add more sessions in the future. We appreciate your interest and look forward to the opportunity to support your professional growth soon.

Accrediting Associations:

Applies toward the following certificates:

Advanced Technical Leadership Certificate
change management certificate
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