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Coaching by managers, employees, peers or external mentors promotes in leaders a stronger sense of shared leadership. This includes working with others across silos, collaborating to enhance organizational effectiveness, acting as custodians of company purpose and supporting critical activities that align with that purpose.

A successful coaching business culture emphasizes the skills of seeking and listening versus telling someone what to do. When asked for their input, peers and employees feel free to challenge and provoke thinking or offer solutions that might not have been considered. Given the chaotic and fast-changing business environment, having leaders at all levels of the organization (not just those at the very top) coaching each other can provide greater agility to solve problems across the enterprise. A successful coaching culture creates space for these conversations and daily coaching moments between leaders and teams, as well as between colleagues and peers.

In-person and online courses are available. To earn and receive a certificate of completion in Coaching from the Technology & Leadership Center, register and complete all four coaching education courses below:

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Technical Leadership Certificate Process

MGT634: Coaching: Move People Forward

Step 1:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT631: High-Impact Feedback & Listening

Step 2:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT632: Fostering Innovation

Step 3:
Register & complete the following course:

MGT635: Conversations to Inspire Performance

Step 4:

Register & complete the following course:


Upon completion of the required courses, your Coaching Certificate will be awarded.

Certificate Program Course Descriptions

1. Coaching: Move People Forward (4 hrs)

Delivery Options: On Campus and Virtual

In order to have a trusting relationship between leaders and the people they are coaching, they must first have a better understanding of each other.

This course shows you how to flex your coaching skills in order to meet the unique needs of each individual. It will also show you how to guide them in successfully achieving a goal. Through coaching practice, self-insight tools and targeted coursework, you will learn how to use memorable techniques that involve asking provocative questions, connecting at a human level and energizing people into action.

2. High-Impact Feedback & Listening (4 hrs)

Delivery Options: On Campus and Virtual

When sharing feedback is part of an organization's culture, it is an effective business tool that reaches across all levels. 

In this course, you will be taught by professional coaches how to deliver both positive and developmental feedback efficiently. You will also learn how to be receptive to input as well as understand the speaker's intended message accurately. In the workplace, these coaching skills will help you optimize and sustain your coworker's performance as well as professional development.

3. Fostering Innovation (4 hrs)

Delivery Options: Virtual

Front line leaders are the significant influencers of innovation for every organization. They help manage individual contributors and are the conduit for up-to-date knowledge, business challenges and information about your customers. 

These online courses provide the opportunity for interactive coaching practice to develop the coaching skills and fundamentals necessary to help you and your team think differently and generate new ideas. This new approach will add value to your organization and your customers. Coursework also covers the coaching competencies needed for a successful coach to stoke and foster innovation within your team.

4. Conversations to Inspire Performance (4 hrs)

Delivery Options: Virtual

Performance management can often be approached as a top-down, evaluative process involving a stack of paperwork that’s forced upon leaders and their direct reports—with little payoff for either person.

This professional development course provides you with a new, uncomplicated approach to performance management. Instead of semiannual reviews driven by managers or human resources, this new coaching model is about having regular, meaningful dialogues. In these everyday conversations, you can make the time you invest reap better performance and stronger relationships with direct reports.

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"I rated this overall an exceptional class. The materials, discussions, and outcomes are all applicable for use every day." Conversations to Inspire Performance - Coaching Certificate
"Perfect amount of conversation and discussion, also was appreciative of timed breaks longer than 5 minutes." Fostering Innovation - Coaching Certificate
"This course was super helpful to revisit better ways of providing/receiving feedback. I'm dealing with an issue at work where providing feedback is tough, so I got to role play and get suggestions on what to do better/what I was doing well." High-Impact Feedback & Listening - Change Management Certificate
"It is much clearer from this training that ACE sets a framework for success in coaching. Practicing coaching was a nice way to complete the class." Coaching: Move People Forward - Coaching Certificate