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AGI581: Implementing DevOps (21 hrs)

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Course summary:
Implementing DevOps is the next step for learners who want to apply their knowledge of DevOps. It verifies a professional’s ability to plan, build, monitor, and mature the CI/CD pipeline.

This certification was designed for people in relevant technical positions such as developers, testers, operations leads, operations support specialists, systems engineers, and technical coaches. Professionals interested in developing a DevOps pipeline may also find this certification intriguing.

Course outline:
  • Defining the objectives (the “Why” Behind Implementing DevOps)
  • Continuous Integration (CI) as a Prerequisite to DevOps
  • Design and architect applications for DevOps
  • Identifying the stages of the pipeline
  • Provisioning Environments
  • Deploying Systems
  • The Pipeline as Code
  • Cycle Time
  • Log Management
  • Telemetry
  • Production Support
  • Hearing the Voice of the Customer
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Continuous Deployment

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify what stakeholders require in order to agree to going down this path.
  • Ensure the necessary technical and team practices are in place so that we can start this journey.
  • Explain the target architecture.
  • Describe what pipeline we are going to build.
  • Implement a repeatable and reliable way to deploy systems with a self-service model.
  • Implement the pipeline and see it in action.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline.
  • Collect log data to help identify problems and enable triage.
  • Make deployments safe by collecting measurements to confirm services are operating correctly, make it possible to identify problems, and make informed decisions on how to resolve them.
  • Ensure that after software is developed it can be deployed, maintained, and monitored during its operational lifetime.
  • Ensure that software which is deployed is delivering real value for the customers and adapting to evolving customer needs.
  • Increase deployment and operational flexibility and scalability.
  • Build confidence in the software delivery such that manual inspection is not a requirement prior to production deployment.

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Accrediting Associations:
  • ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile)
Applies Towards the Following Certificates:
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