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Beyond the Perimeter: Navigating Edgeless Environments

Join us for this upcoming round table session centering on "Navigating Edgeless Environments," with a specific focus on cloud security. Attendees will explore the complexities and innovations of securing cloud environments from a variety of industry perspectives. The session aims to provide actionable insights and foster discussions on best practices for protecting data and operations in the cloud.

August 15, 2024
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
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Roundtable Topics & Presenters:

LaMont Orange
CISO with Cloud Security Expertise

This session will kick off with a seasoned CISO who has dedicated much of their career to cloud security. The discussion will cover the evolution of cloud security practices, key challenges faced by organizations, and effective strategies for mitigating risks. The speaker will share personal experiences and lessons learned from years of safeguarding cloud environments, providing attendees with a deep understanding of strategic approaches to cloud security.

David Moulton
Advanced Cloud Security
Palo Alto Networks

Dive into advanced cloud security with insights from Palo Alto Networks' expert on their Prisma Cloud product. This session will explore how Prisma Cloud provides comprehensive security across public and private clouds, focusing on threat detection, compliance management, and infrastructure protection. Attendees will learn about the latest features, integration capabilities, and real-world applications of Prisma Cloud in enhancing their organization's cloud security posture.

To Be Announced
Security Leader
Google Cloud

Google Cloud's security leader will present best practices and innovative solutions for securing Google Cloud environments. The session will cover Google Cloud's security model, tools for threat prevention and detection, and strategies for managing cloud security at scale. Participants will gain insights into leveraging Google Cloud's native security features to protect their data and applications effectively.

Britney Kennedy
Healthcare CISO/BISO
Cardinal Health

Concluding the day's discussions, a healthcare CISO or BISO will share real-world case studies highlighting how cloud innovation has transformed their security landscape. This session will provide practical examples of cloud adoption in healthcare, showcasing successful implementations, challenges overcome, and the benefits realized. Attendees will learn how to apply similar strategies and innovations within their own organizations to enhance cloud security.

Roundtable Host:


AJ Eads - Security Advisor Alliance:

The Security Advisor Alliance was founded in 2013 by a group of 35 dedicated information security leaders. The organization was built on a foundation of helping each other, growing the space and giving back to their working and living communities. Today the Alliance has over 400 members, on 3 continents.
The Security Advisor Alliance is led by an advisory board of CISOs and Senior Leaders at the most influential companies in the world and are committed in time and energy to the Alliance's mission of Aligning, Growing and Giving.