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Vulnerability Vanguards: Using Data Driven Defense Models

The upcoming round table session, "Data Driven Defense Models, The Vulnerability Vanguards," will focus on leveraging data to enhance cybersecurity defenses. The session will feature expert speakers who will share insights on building robust defense models, managing Security Operations Centers (SOCs), auditing and reporting, and sourcing high-quality threat intelligence.

October 17, 2024
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
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Roundtable Topics & Presenters:

Eric Hlutke

Topic: Global Insights on Data-Driven Defense

This session will be led by a seasoned global CISO with extensive experience in both manufacturing and technology sectors. The speaker will discuss the development and implementation of data-driven defense models, highlighting the importance of data analytics in identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risks. Attendees will learn about the challenges and best practices for integrating data-driven approaches within diverse organizational contexts.

Alley Frame
Head of SOC

Topic: Managing a Cutting-Edge SOC

The head of a Security Operations Center (SOC) for a leading cybersecurity vendor will lead this session, focusing on the operational aspects of managing a SOC. The discussion will cover the latest tools and technologies used in SOCs, strategies for effective incident response, and the role of data in enhancing SOC capabilities. Participants will gain insights into optimizing SOC performance and ensuring rapid detection and response to security incidents.

Audrey Katcher
Author of SOC Report Guidelines and Cybersecurity Auditor
Rubin Brown

Topic: Auditing and Reporting: Standards and Best Practices

This session will be presented by a long-time author of SOC report guidelines and a cybersecurity auditor for a major accounting firm. The speaker will provide an overview of SOC report guidelines, discussing the standards and best practices for auditing and reporting in the cybersecurity space. Attendees will learn how to prepare for audits, ensure compliance with industry standards, and use audit findings to improve their security posture.

To Be Determined

Topic: Sourcing Elite Threat Intelligence

The final session will feature a senior leader from an Israeli intelligence firm who will share expertise on sourcing the best threat intelligence. The discussion will cover methods for gathering high-quality threat intelligence, evaluating intelligence sources, and integrating threat intelligence into defense strategies. Attendees will learn how to leverage threat intelligence to proactively defend against emerging threats and enhance their organization's overall security resilience.

Roundtable Host:


AJ Eads - Security Advisor Alliance:

The Security Advisor Alliance was founded in 2013 by a group of 35 dedicated information security leaders. The organization was built on a foundation of helping each other, growing the space and giving back to their working and living communities. Today the Alliance has over 400 members, on 3 continents.
The Security Advisor Alliance is led by an advisory board of CISOs and Senior Leaders at the most influential companies in the world and are committed in time and energy to the Alliance's mission of Aligning, Growing and Giving.