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Data Analytics

Produce Data-driven Business Insights that Drive Success

With cleansed and mastered data sets, statistical analysis and predictive modeling can occur. Such data analysis identifies what is currently happening in your business, what will happen if nothing changes, what optimizations should be implemented to achieve the best outcome, and prepares you or your team members to take full advantage of the data assets your company collects every day to conquer tomorrow's business problem. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging these powerful insights to drive growth, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

Data Analytics Program - data visualization

Our Data Analytics Program

Businesses rely on strong decision-making skills, with decisions backed by hard data. That means you or your employees need robust analytical skill sets for any and all kinds of inevitable business problems. Taught by data analytics professionals, our Boot Camps are designed to create and develop the skill set of a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer. 

Courses Offered:
Data Analysis Fundamentals Courses


For beginners looking to understand the fundamentals of data analysis, our foundational courses are ideal. Learn data management skills, computer sciences basics, using programming languages for data analysis and other fundamental parts of the business analytics process.

No prerequisites are required for there courses, although it is recommended you have a basic skill set and understanding of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets fundamentals. For our boot camp, we recommend having either a Bachelor's degree or two years of experience in a relevant field.

Data Analysis Intermediate Courses


Further your data analytics knowledge by learning about big data analytics, scalable data models, machine learning models and more. These professional certification courses are great for both businesses and individual employees alike who want experience with methodology used to control and analyze data sets.

Prerequisites vary by course, although most require familiarity with Python and managing spreadsheets.

Data Analysis Advanced Courses


Earn the credentials you need to show your competency at making high-level business decisions that rely on complex data engineering and data visualization skills. 

Prior experience with Python, Tableau and/or other data analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, is recommended for these courses.

Data Analysis Expert Courses


Even experts can benefit from further study; learn more about machine learning algorithms, specifically unsupervised learning, with this course.

Familiarity with Python and mathematical concepts is required for this training course.

See Data Analytics certificate programs from these industry associations by clicking on the logo:

International Institute of Business Analysis - IIBA - Analytics Skills
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