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SEC100: Zero Trust Architecture ($1,495)

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Course summary - 30hrs:

The Zero Trust Security Architecture (ZTA) course is designed to help current and aspiring information security professionals, supporting staff, program managers, analysts and operational personnel develop a viable risk framework. Zero Trust Security never trusts and always verifies, making it an essential part of planning, preparing and executing organizational missions. This holistic approach to network security incorporates a dynamic concoction of principles that prevent the risk of cyber attackers from gaining entry and accessing sensitive data.

Participants will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Zero Trust Security, including threat models, device authentication, and dynamic policy creation. Join us to enhance your knowledge and awareness of Zero Trust Fundamentals and learn how to manage information security risks effectively.

Course outline:
This cybersecurity training course covers 14 modules over 30 hours.
  • Module 1: Zero Trust Security Basics
  • Module 2: NIST Guidance on building Zero Trust Architecture
  • Module 3: Zero Trust Current State and Implementation challenges
  • Module 4: Implementing an Inside-Out Methodology
  • Module 5: Identity and Access Management
  • Module 6: Zero Trust Architectures
  • Module 7: Zero Trust Scenarios
  • Module 8: Steps to implementing a Zero Trust Architecture
  • Module 9: Security Operations
  • Module 10: Conclusion
Learning outcomes:
  • Explain the basic concepts of and need for Zero Trust Security Architecture (ZTA)
  • Understand the true meaning of the Zero Trust Security Architecture (ZTA)framework
  • Determine how to apply security best practices represented in the latest Zero Trust framework to your organization.
  • Understand how to assess your existing security capabilities and map out a plan for improving your organization’s security practice.
  • Describe concepts for implementing zero-day trust security throughout an organization.
  • Understand security best practices for all areas of your business (cloud, endpoint and network)

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The Zero Trust Security Architecture (ZTA) Fundamental’s course is aimed to assist present and aspiring information at IT security professionals who have:
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in IT administration with a focus on security
  • Day-to-day technical information security experience
  • Basic knowledge of security concerns and implementation

Equally as important, we highly recommend you have a basic knowledge of computers and computer security concepts. Commodity technologies such as Firewall and IPS will be quickly defined, but how to configure them will not be

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