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Celebrating Success: TLCenter Certificate Achievers

Our certificate programs have transformed careers and empowered professionals across various industries. Discover how certifications from Washington University's Technology & Leadership Center have propelled the careers of professionals. Our certificate earners exemplify the power of lifelong learning and commitment to excellence. Join a community that celebrates and supports your professional journey. If you’re proud of your achievement, share your success story or photo on our LinkedIn page!

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Melanie Walsh


Melanie Walsh

"I'm Melanie Walsh, an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Over a decade ago, your support in enrolling me in an Introduction to Java class was a turning point in my career, leading me into the realms of programming and data science. This crucial step enabled me to educate hundreds and author an online textbook. I am deeply thankful for the pivotal role your support played in my journey."



Clara Hampton

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Technical Leadership Training! My only regret is not starting sooner."


Lucy badge pic 300-1


Zhang Lu

"The expertise of my instructors, combined with the rich experiences of my classmates, fostered a dynamic learning environment in the virtual classroom. It was instrumental in helping me earn my SAFe PO/PM badge with utmost confidence." 

Bryant Webster
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