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PMM405: Risk Management (PMI-RMP) Exam Prep (35 hrs)

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Course summary:

Looking to become a certified Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®? Enroll in this course designed to help you prepare for the PMI-RMP certification exam. With the PMI-RMP, you'll demonstrate advanced skills in assessing and identifying project risks, mitigating threats, and capitalizing on opportunities.

This course provides a practical body of risk management knowledge and skills to help you master project risk management on the job. You'll learn to manage risks organizations face, avoid costly mistakes, and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession. Gain the expertise and knowledge you need to excel in the field of risk management. Enroll now in this comprehensive PMI-RMP exam prep course.

Course outline:
  • Understand Project Management Fundamentals
  • Identifying Project Management Processes
  • Initiating a Project
  • An Overview of Project Risk Management
  • Planning Risk Management
  • Identifying Risks
  • Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Developing a Risk Response Plan
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks
  • Examining Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
Learning outcomes:
  • Prepare for PMI-RMP Certification Exam
  • Learn to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Monitor and control risks
  • Learn to create risk response plans to minimize threats and leverage opportunities
  • Identify proactive risk triggers indicative of pending risk event occurrence
  • Identify metrics to measure the effectiveness of risk response plans
  • Understand the PMI-RMP © risk certification requirements
  • Identify strategies for taking the exam
  • Review and practice examination questions
  • Review the changes to the PMBOK® Version 6 related to Risk Management

To be eligible for the PMI-RMP exam, you need to have either:

A four-year degree (bachelor’s or the global equivalent), with at least 3,000 hours of project risk management experience and 30 hours of project risk management education.


A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) with at least 4,500 hours of project risk management experience and 40 hours of project risk management education.


If you do not qualify for or intend to take the PMI-RMP exam, consider Taking the Risk Out of Risk Management.

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