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BAC400: Collaborating and Communicating Agile Requirements (14 hrs)

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Course summary:

Learn how to efficiently gather and manage Agile requirements with this collaborative course. Traditional requirements gathering methods often lead to incomplete and inaccurate documentation, making it difficult to respond quickly to changes. Agile requirements gathering allows for faster response times by bringing detailed requirements closer to implementation. In this course, you will gain practical experience through explanatory lectures, demonstrations, and practice exercises. With the skills you develop, you will be able to create requirements that meet your customers' business needs.

Course outline:
  • Agile Overview
  • Project Initiation
  • Focus on the Customer
  • User Stories
  • Product Backlog
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Release Plan
  • Iteration Plan and Execution
  • Retrospective on Communicating Requirements
Learning outcomes:
  • Write user stories
  • Appreciate how the best-known methods in traditional requirements processes can apply to Agile methods
  • Communicate requirements using Expert Agile techniques to bridge the customers’ and developers’ needs
  • Identify stakeholder and user roles to ensure that all requirement viewpoints are elicited
  • Create and maintain a product backlog
  • Prioritize requirements so that the most important customer needs are delivered first
  • Formulate an iterative project plan with feedback cycles that keep the project on track
  • Estimate business value for requirements to track how a project contributes to the enterprise
  • Develop requirements in an iterative approach to capture the details at the appropriate time

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