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AGI510: Business Agility Foundations (21 hrs)

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Course summary:

Increase your competitive advantage with our ICAgile-certified Business Agility Foundations course. Learn to embrace change and innovation in a dynamic and fast-moving world, while building collaborative teams and differentiating your organization for customers. Explore the mindset, approaches, and skills needed to bring continuous improvement into your work and adapt to ever-evolving business landscapes. Join now and transform your organization with the latest agile principles and practices.

Course outline:
Setting the Scene for Business Agility
  • Awareness: The Need for Business Agility
  • Compelling Vision, Focus and Clarity of Purpose
Enabling Business Agility
  • New Ways of Thinking
  • New and Differentiating Behaviors
Implementing and Sustaining Business Agility
  • Frameworks, Tools and Techniques
  • Business Agility as the New Normal

Learning outcomes:

  • Articulate the drivers for business agility in the economy in general and your business environment specifically
  • Demonstrate techniques for team collaboration and customer focus as part of the necessary mindset shift
  • Develop a compelling vision for success, analyze the impacts of change on the wide community of stakeholders and appraise which approach and tools to use given different contexts
  • Outline key new ways of thinking for both individuals and organizations and map them to their potential impacts on value generation
  • Formulate and demonstrate differentiating behaviors
  • Appraise and use a variety of frameworks, tools and techniques
  • Illustrate your understanding of business agility and construct your own personal action plan for applying the ideas from the class in your workplace

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Accrediting Associations:
  • ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile)
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