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Bridging the Gap: Understanding & Fulfilling Executive Demands

This month's focus in our Project Management Roundtable tackles the common disconnect between project managers and executives within organizations. We'll delve into the challenges of aligning project objectives with executive goals and devise strategies for seamless communication and collaboration. Through shared insights and experiences, participants will enhance their understanding of executive demands, refine communication channels, and ensure project outcomes that align with organizational leadership expectations. Join us as we strive to bridge this crucial gap in project management dynamics.

May 2
 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 
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Roundtable Topics & Presenters:

todd porter-1
Todd Porter
Head of Technology Transformation

Todd is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience, including 15 years at the helm of technology innovation in Fortune 1000 companies. He has a proven ability to bridge technology and business strategy, working closely with executives across various sectors to enhance their technical readiness. With a diverse background that spans Service Desk, End User Technology, Infrastructure, Application Development, and PMO/Governance, Todd has demonstrated leadership in Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals. His broad experience enables him to drive change and achieve remarkable outcomes in complex environments.

Melinda Schmidt-1
Melinda Schmidt
WUIT Chief of Staff

Melinda stands out as a transformative leader and visionary, known for her ability to spearhead innovation and change within organizations. She excels in articulating a clear vision, securing support, and bridging communication between technical and non-technical teams. Throughout her career, Melinda has effectively collaborated with diverse stakeholders, managing projects from inception to execution. Her approach involves setting strategic goals, maintaining timelines, and ensuring progress, demonstrating her comprehensive oversight across the program lifecycle.

David Sharp-1-1
David Sharp
Vice President, Business Technology Enablement
Save A Lot

At Save A Lot, David heads the Data Strategy and Enablement teams, delivering crucial data insights across analytics, engineering, and science to support our main business areas. Previously, he led the Business Technology Enablement division, enhancing technology value in Merchandising, Distribution, Retail Operations, Marketing, and Finance. Before this, David managed the Technology Solutions Consulting team at Mastercard, developing innovative technology solutions and shaping the engagement model between Mastercard Labs and Operations for better agility and scalability.

Roundtable Host:

Jeff Vilmer
Leadership Development Facilitator & Coach
Jeff is an inspirational people leader, problem-solver and change agent. He cultivates a high-trust environment where he creates challenging, real-time growth opportunities for emerging leaders – formal and informal. Jeff applies a high-touch, adaptive feedback approach based on the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership® Model. Situational leadership is a practical, repeatable process leaders can employ to enhance their effectiveness when attempting to influence others.