Washington University in St. Louis
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Data Driven: Fueling the New Economy

With the global big data analytics market soaring to $307.52 billion and a staggering 91.9% of organizations realizing measurable value from data and analytics investments in 2023, it's imperative to understand the true worth of your company's data. Do you treat your data as a valuable product? Join Bill Bishop, a distinguished expert from Snowflake's Value Engineering Team, as he takes the helm in our roundtable discussion on the Business Value of Data. Gain insights into harnessing the potential of your data to propel your organization forward in the new economy. This event is a unique opportunity to uncover the strategies and perspectives that will empower you to maximize the value of your data assets. Reserve your seat now and be a part of this transformative dialogue shaping the future of data-driven success.

June 13
 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 
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Roundtable Topics & Presenters:

Bill Bishop
Principal Value Engineer @ Snowflake 

Vik is a Director of Cloud Economics with Mastercard, where he is helping establish a FinOps practice, focusing on the integration of new mergers and acquisitions.  Vik has an Executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.  He is a member of the FinOps Foundation, speaks regularly at various cloud conferences, include Re:Invent, AWS and others.  Vik carries certifications as a FinOps Practitioner and Ambassador.  Vik previously served as a Cloud Strategist and FinOps manager at Cigna.

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Roundtable Host:

Dave Oleksa

Senior Director, Daugherty Business Solutions

Dave has served in a wide variety of roles in his career, which started as a software engineer decades ago. In over 30 years in consulting, Dave has worked in custom application development, data warehouse design, data strategy development, ERP implementations, business analyst roles, web architecture, manufacturing system support, operations management, practice leadership, and now leads the enterprise recruiting team at Daugherty. Dave’s client base includes Anheuser-Busch/InBev, Ameren, Mercy Health, International Foods, Alaskan Brewing, Hartmarx, Emerson, HP and more. This broad experience helps Dave bring a holistic yet innovative view to solving business problems.