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FinOps Focus: Real World Practices, Challenges, and Solutions

Anyone working with data is either working in the cloud, or preparing a journey into the cloud.  Taking advantage of modern cloud offerings, companies have to pay for compute, storage, redundancy and streaming of data.  FinOps is an operational framework and cultural practice which maximizes the business value of cloud, enables timely data-driven decision making, and creates financial accountability through collaboration between engineering, finance, and business teams.  Organizations need to consider cost and sustainability as nonfunctional requirements as well; if cost isn’t part of the design process, organizations run the risk of costs outpacing revenue. Our panelists will discuss the importance of FinOps to your organization, roles and careers in FinOps, AI and the implications to FinOps, and much more! 

April 11
 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 
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Roundtable Topics & Presenters:

VikSalujaHeadshot -2
Vik Saluja
Director, TBM Cloud Economics 

Vik is a Director of Cloud Economics with Mastercard, where he is helping establish a FinOps practice, focusing on the integration of new mergers and acquisitions.  Vik has an Executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.  He is a member of the FinOps Foundation, speaks regularly at various cloud conferences, include Re:Invent, AWS and others.  Vik carries certifications as a FinOps Practitioner and Ambassador.  Vik previously served as a Cloud Strategist and FinOps manager at Cigna.

Michelle Dupuis
Cloud Strategist

Michelle is a Senior Principal Consultant and Cloud Strategist serving clients in establishing their overall cloud strategy, and has a particular focus on FinOps.  She has developed and delivered a FinOps training program, is highly involved with the FinOps foundation, serving as one of the first ambassadors of the community and then being elected for a seat on the Technical Advisory Committee. Michelle has also been a repeat speaker at FinOpsX.   Previously, Michelle was a Senior Manager of Cloud FinOps for Walgreens, as well as building FinOps practices in the financial services industry with EBSCO, Webster Bank, and others. 

DanJohnsonHeadshot -1
Dan Johnson
Cloud Strategist

Dan is a Principal Cloud Specialist with Daugherty Business Solutions.  Dan was a leader in establishing Daugherty’s Cloud Center of Excellence.  He is on the forefront of industry advancements partnering with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Dan’s technical foundation includes infrastructure, software development, and cloud programs & cloud projects.

Matt Fisher
Cloud Architect

Matt is a Principal Consultant with Daugherty Business Solutions.  Matt has many years of experience with data platform architecture, data management, data integration, and cloud experience with modern data platforms and Microsoft Azure.  He is a FinOps Certified Practitioner with a keen interest in the cost structure and cost data of the cloud.

Roundtable Host:

Dave Oleksa

Senior Director at Daugherty Business Solutions

Dave has served in a wide variety of roles in his career, which started as a software engineer decades ago. In over 30 years in consulting, Dave has worked in custom application development, data warehouse design, data strategy development, ERP implementations, business analyst roles, web architecture, manufacturing system support, operations management, practice leadership, and now leads the enterprise recruiting team at Daugherty. Dave’s client base includes Anheuser-Busch/InBev, Ameren, Mercy Health, International Foods, Alaskan Brewing, Hartmarx, Emerson, HP and more. This broad experience helps Dave bring a holistic yet innovative view to solving business problems.