Course Description

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The involvement of the right people at the right time is critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.

Leaders at all levels need to effectively lead meetings to get things done quickly and with maximum commitment.

Course Outline

This course gives leaders the skills they need to ensure that meetings run efficiently, generate right decisions, and result in explicit action. Leaders also learn best practices for planning, facilitating, and following-up on virtual meetings.

Introduction: Learners watch a video that shows a leader who fails to prepare for and efficiently lead a meeting. They review the components of a successful meeting--planning, facilitating, and following up. Learners rate recent meetings they have attended and identified the problems in those meetings.

Planning: Participants learn the six steps for efficiently planning for meetings. They discuss the challenges of designing a virtual meeting and review a list of best practices. Learners use planning tools to prepare for an upcoming meeting that they will lead. 

Facilitating: Learners analyze a positive model and then practice their opening for an upcoming meeting they will lead. Participants are introduced to the Interaction Process for conducting successful meetings and review best practices for facilitating virtual meetings. They discuss how to plan for and prevent challenges that might arise during a session. Learners use Intervention Techniques and Key Principles to address challenging meeting situations. 

Following Up: Teams explore best practices for following up after in-person and virtual meetings. The facilitator introduces tools that leaders can use to follow up on meeting outcomes. 

Application and Close: Identifying the meeting problems, participant teams apply meeting leadership techniques to solving those issues. Learners identify barriers to implementing the skills in the workplace and brainstorm ideas for overcoming them. 

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Plan, facilitate, and follow up on meetings to ensure that business results are achieved
  • Use appropriate intervention techniques to keep meetings on track
  • Ensure that participants contribute efficiently and support the meeting's outcomes
  • Create and implement a strategy for effectively leading virtual meetings 


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It is suggested that participants complete Communicating for Leadership Success prior to taking this course. 

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