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Leaders learn the process of setting up a team charter, including goals and ground rules.

Course Outline

This course provides practical, actionable tools to help members stay on track, avoid the problems that plague many teams and achieve success.

Prelaunch Concepts: Learners watch a video of a team meeting in which the team is unclear about its goals, is confused about responsibilities, has conflict about priorities, and is falling behind schedule because team members are not completing their responsibilities when promised. Participants are introduced to the stages of team development. They learn each component of a team charter and discuss how having a team charter could have helped the team in the video. The group explains how an organization founded on a strong charter supports organizational business strategy. The facilitator leads a discussion about what groups will benefit from having a charter.

Chartering the Team's Direction: Facilitator reviews personal and practical needs and discusses how the interaction process skills are essential when leading a team through the development of a team charter. Learners use Key Principles and guiding questions to write a purpose statement, draft accountabilities for their workplace teams, and then work together to refine these comments. The goals charter component and the importance of visual displays of team results are explained. 

Putting Ground Rules in Place: Learners understand how Interaction Guidelines can help them set ground rules as team leaders. Table teams work together help one team leader develop draft ground rules. Working with a partner, all learners complete a draft charter to later refine with their workplace teams.

Application: Team success factors are related to the components of a team charter. Leaders receive a robust toolkit containing worksheets, examples, and tools to help them apply what they have learned. 

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:  

  • Develop a team charter using guiding questions and team member involvement to create a formal charter that will quickly lead teams to top performance
  • Focus team efforts on high-priority actions that directly support your organization's goals and strategies
  • Enhance team's effectiveness by leading members through the creation of ground rules that guide meetings and establish how to work together
  • Lead a new team to high performance quickly or help an existing team that is working below its potential reach high levels of performance


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It is suggested that participants complete Communicating for Leadership Success prior to taking this course. 


"Establishes a clear way to build a team from the beginning and share responsibilities and goals."

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Dec 01, 2020
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