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In today’s turbulent, fast-flowing business environment, individuals usually don’t have the luxury of time when making decisions.

You need people who can quickly size up the situation, identify the most useful and expedient course of action, and then act—often without having all the data or the time to consider every possible option. 

Course Outline

This course helps individuals accelerate the decision-making process, yet still, make quality decisions in fast-paced environments with limited time and information. It also teaches them to identify their own and others’ decision-making tendencies and understand how to balance them in situations requiring accelerated decisions.

  • Whitewater Decision Making: A simulation helps learners experience how accelerated decision making differs from “standard” decision making. Learners discuss the connection between the accelerated decisions they make on the job and their organizations’ objectives.
  • The “People” Side of Decision Making: A video depicts four people displaying distinct decision-making tendencies. Learners identify their own and others’ decision-making tendencies and think through how to use Decision Tendencies Tips. Another video shows how to balance decision-making tendencies. Learners discuss the role that intuition plays in accelerated decision making.
  • The RAPID Approach: Learners become familiar with the “universal” steps of the standard decision-making process—what classically must be done to make an important decision with high quality. They discuss common pitfalls to applying this standard approach to situations requiring an accelerated decision. The facilitator teaches an easy-to-remember approach for situations requiring accelerated decision making—Reduce, Approximate, Pick or park, Interpret intuition and intangibles, and Drive. Learners discuss how to overlay this approach to the standard decision-making model. Teams of learners then participate in a competitive, board-game activity that cements the RAPID concepts.
  • Putting RAPID to Work for You: The Accelerated Decision Guide is presented to help learners focus their decision-making efforts. After viewing a video case study, learners walk through a Guide that has been completed for the case study. They use a Guide to plan a real workplace accelerated decision.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:  

  • More quickly evaluate possible solutions and make high-quality decisions when time is limited
  • Determine when an accelerated decision is appropriate and when a more analytical approach is needed
  • Accelerate the decisions they make
  • Use a consistent approach when facing rushed decisions in your organization


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"I recommend this training because it helps me to accelerate and make quality decisions." 

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