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People are more engaged and strive for better results when they feel ownership of their work process and outcomes.

Unfortunately, leaders fail to engage and reinforce this sense of ownership during performance management discussions. 

Course Outline

This course will show the positive effect of shifting the traditional role of planner and evaluator from the leader, to a shared responsibility between leader and employee. This shift builds employee ownership and allows the leader to focus on coaching and developing throughout the performance cycle. Leaders will experience how to use
effective (SMART) goals to help them, and their employees track progress and fairly evaluate outcomes. A well-written performance plan is also a powerful tool for leaders to use when determining where to focus their development and coaching discussions with their employees.

  • Shared Ownership: Learners share with a partner the insights they gained about themselves in their self-assessment—concerning performance management. Facilitator introduces a performance cycle, roles and responsibilities, and the recommended discussions throughout the performance cycle.
  • SMART Performance Goals: SMART goals are introduced. A video-based activity helps learners identifying what can go wrong when goals are not SMART, and how to avoid these situations. Leaders practice writing SMART goals; after a partner reviews and critiques the goals.
  • The Interaction EssentialsSM and Performance Discussions: The group discusses the importance of personal and practical needs when setting goals and reviewing results. Facilitator reviews the Interaction Essentials, followed by activity in which learners identify the Key Principles and Interaction Guidelines that are most helpful in each type of discussion. Discussion Planner and Discussion Outline are introduced.
  • Setting Goals Skill Practice: Facilitator explains the skill practice process with two roles—leader and direct report. A prepared skill practice is used by the learners to practice a challenging goal-setting discussion with a partner.
  • Gathering Data: Two types of performance data—behavioral and operational—is introduced. Facilitator reviews the STAR format as a way of collecting behavioral data. A case study is used for leaders to analyze performance data and track the progress of a direct report.
  • Reviewing Results Skill Practice: The case study continues via a positive model video of a leader using the Interaction Essentials and performance data—in a performance review discussion. Learners participate in a challenging reviewing results skill practice.
  • Resources: Leaders receive a Resource Kit for both them and their direct reports to use back on the job.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:  

  • Ensure direct reports take a more active role in managing their performance;
  • Manage performance on an ongoing basis while working within the organizations time parameters for goal setting and performance reviews; and,
  • Provide the ongoing coaching and feedback your direct reports need to achieve their goals; and, Increase your direct reports' confidence and commitment to their success. 


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It is suggested that participants complete Communicating for Leadership Success prior to taking this course. 


"Even though I have no direct reports, this helped me understand how to write a proper and well thought out goal using SMART. Role-play also helps me personally to think on my feet and be a better communicator."
Spring 2019 Participant


The role play for this section was so beneficial. Interesting take on goal discussions where the direct reports lead the conversation and the leader provides feedback."
Spring 2019 Participant


"I recommend this training because it helped me to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-minded goals."

Spring 2019 Participant

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