Course Description

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Whether it’s an innovative breakthrough or a simple process improvement, making it happen requires commitment from others in the organization.

The best way to gain this commitment is to have a strategy for each stakeholder. 

Course Outline

This course shows leaders and individual contributors how to package their ideas in a way that will win over even the most skeptical individuals. Participants learn strategies for efficiently capturing people’s attention, transforming their perspectives, and gaining their commitment to taking action.

  • Influence to Achieve Results: Facilitator reviews the context of influencing in today’s business world. The three components of influencing are introduced.
  • First Things First: Learners discuss the levels of commitment. The Commitment Worksheet is introduced, and learners list the names of their stakeholders. In pairs, they identify the current commitment level and what level is needed to move their ideas forward.
  • Seven Strategies: Seven strategies of influencing are introduced with learners discussing how to adapt strategies depending on the stakeholder. Learners participate in an activity based on one of the strategy, Consider Environmental Factors. Learners review the importance of gathering data and how it can be used when determining strategy. Through a video-based activity, learners gain an understanding of three other strategies they can use to gain commitment. Learners continue to work on their opportunity on their Commitment Worksheet.
  • Package Your Strategies: Facilitator uses a demonstration to illustrate how the best packaging engages hearts and minds. Learners watch a video to see the three packaging techniques in action. The debrief overviews the packaging technique of The Unexpected. In small groups, learners use the Paint the Picture technique to present an idea. The last technique, The Power of Questions, is reviewed and learners work in teams to generate provocative questions. They report out their questions to the rest of the group. Learners determine which packaging techniques will work with their stakeholders and then discuss with a partner.
  • Get Commitment to Act: Facilitator reviews the final steps in gaining commitment—Gauging Readiness and Agree on Next Steps. Referring back to the video, learners determine what clues might facilitate these last steps. Learners answer reflection questions and discuss what they will do differently going forward.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:

  • Capture Stakeholders' attention, gain their commitment and make things happen
  • Leverage their power to gain other's commitment to take action on promising ideas and alternatives that achieve business results
  • Implement new ideas, improvements, and alternatives that will have the greatest impact on organizational objectives


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"Practical to daily job of navigating different business cases."
Spring 2019 Participant


“Influence is almost applicable in every situation. Great skills to learn!”
Fall 2018 Participant


“This course provides the tools needed to develop working strategies that can be used to get ideas approved by the needed stakeholders. I plan to use these strategies in the near future for our existing ideas.”
Fall 2018 Participant

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