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Leaders can't take the same approach to managing different people.

A leadership style that motivates and inspires one individual may plunge another into poor performance. Adaptive Leadership will help leaders power-up the skills they are already using (Key Principles, Interaction Guidelines) to meet their team members' needs better and create better organizational results through people. Leaders learn to tailor their approach based on the team member’s motivations, personality tendencies, the organizational environment, and the situation.  

Course Outline

This course teaches leaders how to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions by adapting their approach to people based on what they want to discuss and how they think people will respond. By better meeting the needs of each, leaders create higher levels of engagement and organizational results. 

Do Your Discussions Get Results?: Learners watch a video of a leader who fails to take an adaptive approach with a team member. The group discusses the need to consider individual differences and adapt to those differences.

Adapting Your Approach: Learners are introduced to a method for adjusting their leadership approach. Working in teams, they determine which interaction process skills are most important for different types of discussions.

Getting Personal: Leaders review personal tendencies typically seen in the workplace and the opportunities/challenges those behaviors present. They become more adept at recognizing personal tendencies by watching video characters demonstrate them.

Planning Your Adaptive Leadership Strategy: Leaders are introduced to a robust job aid and discuss how to use this tool to achieve their objective for different types of discussions. Working in teams, learners plan a strategy for adapting their leadership approach that considers both the individual's and leader's tendencies.

Adaptive Leadership--Skill Practice: Learners review the video leader's completed Discussion Planner. They prepare and practice a real-life discussion in which they will adapt their leadership approach. Working in teams, learners provide advice on how a brand-new leader could adapt his or her leadership approach to making discussions more efficient. 

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:  

  • Adapt the leadership approach they take in each situation to effectively achieve results through people
  • Maximize the effectiveness of their interactions by flexing interaction skills and other actions
  • Engage people by considering their tendencies and leveraging the opportunities they present
  • Identify the key factors that have the greatest impact on the success of their interactions


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It is suggested that participants complete Communicating for Leadership Success prior to taking this course. 


"Dynamic and engaging instructor."

Fall 2018 Participant

"I recommend this training because it helps me to determine the type of discussion and identify the personal tendencies."

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"The instructor was knowledgeable and very engaging." 

Fall 2018 Participant


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