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60 Days In

March 9, 2023


You are 60 days in to the new year – What is the health of your projects? Monitoring and communicating the status and health of your projects with the help of a Project Health check. 

Roundtable Speakers:


Stan Ponder

Stan Ponder, Director of Technical Program Management, has been at Mastercard for two years and is currently leading the global Program Management Guild (Center of Excellence) since the start of 2022. The Guild has over 1000 Technical Program Managers, Program Managers and Project Managers all over the world from St. Louis to Sydney. Prior to that, Stan worked as a technical program manager, consultant, account portfolio manager, product owner/manager, people leader, and in what feels like a former life – instructional designer, teacher and principal. Stan is passionate about leadership and believes strongly that if you put people first and remove their roadblocks, they will accomplish great things. He is also a believer in agility outside of strict adherence to frameworks and a bit of a process junkie. In his spare time, Stan enjoys spending time with his wife, Erin and two boys, Lucas and Caleb. He likes to hike, read, and write – especially about himself in the third person.

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Ann Beulah Sujatha Sundaradhas 

Director – IT – Corporate Security/Infrastructure Technical Program/Project Management
Overall 21yrs of IT-infrastructure/corporate security program/project management professional with extensive experience in leading, executing, high priority, visible, complex, strategic, multimillion-dollar, multi-discipline, multiyear global, aggressive timeline projects. She has spent her last 11 years with Mastercard.

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 Sarah Bierman

Sarah Bierman is a Director of Technical Program Management, supporting technology assurance obligations at Mastercard. She is a skilled leader with expertise in transforming processes, leveraging technology, and effectively communicating across a complex organization. Sarah recently won the CFO Award for her role in the Ukraine and Russia crisis response team. She holds a BS in Managerial Economics from Washington University in St Louis, and she is green belt certified in Lean Six Sigma. 

Roundtable Host:

Villmer Profile 4
Jeff Villmer

Leadership Development Facilitator & Coach

Jeff is an inspirational people leader, problem-solver and change agent. He cultivates a high-trust environment where he creates challenging, real-time growth opportunities for emerging leaders – formal and informal. Jeff applies a high-touch, adaptive feedback approach based on the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership® Model. Situational leadership is a practical, repeatable process leaders can employ to enhance their effectiveness when attempting to influence others.