Change is a constant in business—a good thing. There are business opportunities to explore, new technologies to implement, and different work processes to invent that can save time, money, and aggravation. In fact, you probably started your new job with some potentially brilliant ideas that you hope will improve the way your team works together. But lasting change is tougher to pull off than it sounds. Research shows that approximately 70 percent of workplace changes fail shortly after they are implemented. The number may actually be higher. And, it’s awfully hard for managers and staff to get motivated when they believe that the latest project from on high is going to die just like the last one . . . no matter what they do. In reality, the change itself—at least the nuts and bolts of a new process, product, or structure—is rarely the culprit. Typically, things go wrong because leaders aren’t skilled in how to implement changes. That brings us to the most important advice about change: it can make people very uncomfortable, even fearful. So, from a leadership perspective, driving change in the workplace is less about the process and more about people.

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