Human beings are social creatures. In daily lives and our work, we are constantly interacting with others. Whether these interactions happen face-to-face, over the phone, or through e-mail or text, the way we treat others and how we communicate with them makes an impact—for better or worse. So what are the skills required to conduct effective interactions day-to-day?
There exists a core set of skills everyone needs to master to build relationships and get work done effectively. We call these skills the Interaction Essentials because they are the core behaviors that make leaders and associates effective. These skills help individuals meet both personal needs (to be respected and involved) and practical needs (through an effective communication structure). This series of courses use a behavioral profiling tool to help participants identify their strengths by focusing on the behaviors that "come naturally" to them. When leaders operate from their strengths and are aware of their weaknesses, they can more effectively coach, delegate, and correct performance problems.
This series covers verbal, non-verbal, written, and other communication styles.

Complete all four courses to receive a Technology & Leadership Center certificate in Communication.

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