Performance-based decision making continues to evolve in a number of areas such as marketing, research & development, manufacturing, and service businesses.  Managing an analytics organization requires strategic thinking, understanding business needs, and the ability to create an analytics-driven culture.  This certificate demonstrates how the infusion of analytics into an organization allows the business to make informed decisions using descriptive analytics and predictive modeling, resulting in improved business performance.

Two courses are offered for accelerated learning on these important topics.  DATA99 explains the business value of big data analytics.  In it you will learn key skills to help identify how an analytics culture can improve business efficiency and outcomes.  Analytics organizations must be able to mine and interpret data, predict outcomes, and source and retain talent.  This course builds critical skills needed to identify data sources, create a business case, and gain sponsorship.    The second course, DATA109, prepares you to implement an analytics strategy with tools and techniques aimed at improving customer experience and driving operational excellence.

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