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Lindsay Grider, staff analyst, Boeing

      What type of work do you perform?
As a Staff Analyst, I am a liaison between management and human resources.  I juggle staff between programs to prevent having a surplus or not enough employees.  I’m also involved in promotions, hiring, and facilitating safety workshops. 

     What did the skills you gained from the Technical Leadership Certificate do for you on the job?
Confidence.  The first course I took was: Writing, Speaking and Presenting with Confidence.  I started using skills learned from this course in everyday interactions, then in meetings and eventually it became a habit I used every day at work and in my personal life. 

      What did you like most about the series?
I enjoyed all of the courses, but my favorite was Writing, Speaking and Presenting with Confidence. In this class we completed a presentation that was recorded. The video was then emailed to me so I could see what areas I needed to work on. At the next class, I was able to deliver the same speech using the critique, and the improvement was incredible. 

     What surprised you the most about TLC?
The lessons are interactive.  You don’t just sit there for 4+ hours listening to someone lecture.  

I’ve signed up for courses at other universities before, but I will sign up at Washington University before going to any other facility.  

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