Now offering leadership courses virtually


Training and development managers continue to face challenges with getting their employees the training they need, but allowing them the flexibility to complete the curriculum with a high level of convenience. Teams and organizations are becoming more and more distributed across multiple geographic regions and schedules rarely allow for breaks for training entire teams.

Beginning in January we will be offering our full Technical Leadership Certificate series in a virtual setting. The training will be instructor led allowing for collaboration, feedback, flexibility and enhanced skills development. The benefits of virtual training are a mile long, but below we outline what we felt were the key components to a successful virtual classroom.

  • Provides synchronous, highly interactive learning 
  • High-level of interactivity and engagement to keep learners' attention
  • Virtual, instructor-led allows your entire team to participate, regardless of their physical location
  • Less time away from productive work

We will be conducting a breakfast briefing on Dec 3 to allow organizations and individuals to hear more about our upcoming series. Register Now.

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