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Graduates of the Technical Leadership Certificate series share a secret: They know how to communicate in any given situation.

Human skills like this are the driving force that makes the series such a success, and they summarize the many benefits graduates identify.

Among those benefits are:

  • Teams that can find common approaches to operate more effectively
  • Leaders who are adaptable to challenges
  • Individuals who can plan the right discussion for the situation

Technical Leadership Certificate courses use lessons from global leadership consulting firm DDI. DDI’s curriculum is backed by five decades of experience, research and innovation.

Participants often point to one key tool they learned from their courses. The DDI Discussion Planner helps people organize their thoughts, speak the same language and improve interactions with colleagues and clients.

As one participant pointed out, planning interactions with people is just as important as planning software development because the more precise he can be with his communication, the better the outcome.

If you are ready to earn the respect of the people you work with and are dedicated to self-improvement and the improvement of your team, the Technical Leadership Certificate series is right for you.

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