Your Path to Certification Starts Now

Your Path to Certification Starts Now

New learning paths from the Technology and Leadership Center are designed to fit effortlessly into your career journey. “Our whole philosophy around the learning paths is to give professionals the knowledge they need to perform specific tasks to be successful on the job now,” says Joe Streit, the Technology & Leadership Center's training and program development manager.

Streit recognizes that it’s often difficult to know where to begin and where to go next when looking to earn industry certifications. These learning paths provide the visual outline and the timeframe for completing a Washington University-backed certification.

Paths include:
Business Analysis
Data Analytics
Project Management

The learning paths clarify where to start, no matter where you are in your career. Foundational classes, for example, help professionals get into their role. They allow a new professional to “speak the language,” as Streit puts it. As your journey continues, you may find you need to earn certifications to get promoted or receive a pay raise. Project management is one such area. Those with PMP certification earn 23 percent higher median salaries than those without, according to the Project Management Institute’s most recent salary survey. Cybersecurity is another. Being certified in your specialty can boost your salary 15 percent. “The field changes so much, you have to keep up,” Streit says. “One way to prove it is to get certifications.” Some certifications are defined by the certifying body based on what it sees is needed at that point in the professional’s career. The governing body for ITIL lays out a standardized path, but in agile and data analytics, it’s not always so clear. The learning paths outline the best sequence for getting the results you want. Instead of asking “Where do I start?”, now you can ask “When do I start?”  “Whether you’re just beginning or if you want to keep growing your skills, you can get training now.”

Talk to the TLC about how you and your company can benefit from journeying through a TLC learning path. Staff can be reached at or 314-935-4444.

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