Focused on Defense

Given that thousands of battles are lost in cyberspace every day, it's clear there is much work to do. Whether it's national agents, cybercrime cartels or opportunistic hackers, malicious actors continue to have overwhelming advantages.

During the course, you'll hear directly from experts on how cyber-battles are being fought. You'll learn from industry and government senior security officers; CISOs who are creating the thought leadership, knowledge and defensive strategies, not only to combat cybercrime, but also to turn these dynamics in defense of the organization.

How does the cybersecurity executive deal with these complexities?

Seeking answers to this question and others are at the core of the Executive Cybersecurity Leadership Program (ECLP).

In this ground-breaking program, you'll build your executive toolkit and broaden your expertise at the level of the enterprise. You'll deepen your understanding and decision-making processes needed for senior-level leadership in the cybersecurity space.

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