Six reasons training saves you money

Reason One: Increase Job Satisfaction

Reason Two: Training Leads to Higher Productivity

Reason Three: Untrained Employees Are Less Efficient

Reason Four: Mistakes and Lost Revenue

Reason Five: Training Reduces Rework

Mistakes cost money.

In many industries, they can even cause a project to be scrapped.

Other times, managers determine that the project can be salvaged, but it needs to be reworked.

That costs money too.

That’s why rework has been the topic of much research, particularly from the Project Management Institute, which seeks to improve organizational success.

Topics PMI has researched include:

Project managers strive to eliminate rework and at the very least attempt to learn from it because they know that with the proper training, rework can be reduced.

Whether your organization runs on project management principles or your team simply needs to get jobs right the first time, the Technology & Leadership Center at Washington University can help.

Our project management courses prepare new project managers to take their PMP certification exam and guide experienced professionals through their Risk Management Professional certification.

Training such as this provides organizations with the resources they need to reduce rework.

Indeed, companies with a project management office enjoy an advantage over their competitors, according to further PMI research.

Such offices provide a strategic road map to their companies, one that employees can use to make confident decisions about their work long before a project becomes susceptible to rework.

It all began with training in these principles.

Learn more about the project management offerings at the Technology & Leadership Center: