Washington University in St. Louis
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Impact Mapping Initiatives and Planning to Value in a Project World 

May 5, 2022, 8:30-11:30 a.m.

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Roundtable session speaker:

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Jamie Bernard

Jamie Bernard is a Product Specialist who works with clients to identify critical business problems to solve for high priority user segments leveraging an outcomes-based framework. She has coached Fortune 10 executives on transforming organizations from Projects to Products, focusing on organizational design change, OKR generation, and aligning product teams to value streams.

Jamie currently leads an organization of Product Owners, Product Managers, and Product Directors for a product delivery firm focusing on delivering as well as operates as Managing Consultant advising on large product transformation as an independent consultant


Roundtable session host:


Jeff Villmer

IT Director, Delivery Assurance at Save A Lot

Jeff Villmer is IT Director at Save A Lot. For more than three decades, Jeff has led technology teams and managed project portfolios for companies such as AT&T, Edward Jones, and MasterCard. He has also served as a solution provider for an onshore outsourcing firm and an independent consultant under his own brand, Backyard Leaders. His area of focus has been on “project rescue,” and while circumstances have been diverse, the common themes of improving technology delivery and increasing business value persisted. Jeff acknowledges that it takes more than methodology to achieve desired outcomes, a mindset that has served him well as a leader.