The 2017 roundtable series for project management and security is now available for purchase.  Roundtables may be purchased in individual sessions or in bulk.  Pricing information is shown below.  Please note discounts will apply if purchasing all sessions within a roundtable series.  Additional discounts will apply to training services program participants.  To inquire about becoming a participant or purchasing a roundtable series, please contact us at 314-935-4444 or

We are currently finalizing the analytics roundtable and will have the schedule published by March 1, 2017.


Roundtable Pricing 2017

(16 Sessions)
Project Mgt
(10 Sessions)
(6 Sessions)
 Per Session Price           $500 / $1,000          $500 / $1,000             $500
 Educational and Training Services Discount                   $3,600                $2,250            $1,350
 Non-Member/Associate Annual Seat                   $4,000                 $2,500            $1,500
 Learning Together Partnership                   $3,200                 $2,000           $1,200