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East End Transformation of the Danforth Campus

In 2017, Washington University in St. Louis will begin the largest capital project in the recent history of the Danforth Campus, transforming the east end to align with the university’s core academic mission of groundbreaking discovery, research, and teaching. Follow the East End Transformation and other Danforth Campus initiatives here. Stay up-to-date with the transformation project with views from these three web cams.



Upcoming Courses

July 10

AGI150 – Agile Implementation Workshop

July 24

BAC125 – Business Analysis Success 3.0

July 31

SEC040 – Incident Response and Computer Forensics

August 21

PMM101 – Project Administration

September 11

SEC030 – Introduction to Hacking, Defense and Response



Agile Implementation Workshop July 10

This course has been developed to incorporate a vast array of Agile software development methods and practices in a single course offering. Course attendees will get a solid understanding of Agile through lecture, interactive discussion, and hands-on exercises.  This course is designed for novice, intermediate or even advanced “agilists”, including product managers, project managers, ScrumMasters, business analysts, developers, testers, and managers.  Attendees with varying degrees of knowledge and experience will all gain valuable knowledge in hearing and visualizing the same concepts. This course will run July 10 - 26, taught by Technology & Leadership Center Instructor John Krewson.  

Register for the July 10 course now.