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News and Media

Analytics Roundtable - March 10

Executive Perspectives on Building an Analytics Driven Organization
Accenture LLP Panel - Michael Gallagher, Nagarajan Gururaj and Glenn Gutwillig

The promise of analytics is expansive:
data-based decisions, leading to clear business outcomes, yielding a measurable return on investment. Even before many enterprises achieve measurable ROI from their current analytics capabilities, disruptive new forces are turning the journey to ROI into a thrills-and-spills obstacle course.

Analytics has moved from being ‘a priority’ to ‘the priority’ as organizations seek more accurate and relevant data to make better, faster decisions and to drive improved outcomes.  Join us for a panel discussion with Accenture on the executive view of building an analytics driven organization.

Register for this event or call 314-935-4444 for more information.


DATA89 Large Scale Data Analytics & Algorithms Overview

Do you know where your data is going?  All of the data you enter when making an e-commerce purchase, completing an online profile, participating in certain social forums etc is captured, but then what happens to it?  We are now offering a one-day course created by Washington University adjunct faculty presenting an overview of large scale data analytics.  The course begins with an overview of Big Data capture, validation, and update methods most commonly used across consumer corporate markets.  You will explore tools and techniques for gathering this data along with various methods of analysis and use case examples that explain the typical algorithms employed.  How does all of this impact your both personally and professionally....find out!