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Are certifications important?

In a profession such as information technology where technologies and methods are constantly changing, industry-recognized certifications are important, and in many cases are essential.  While having a certification does not necessarily translate directly to being an “expert”, it is certainly an indicator that a person has a strong understanding of a given body of knowledge. Additionally, most if not all certifications have a continuing education requirement, so having an active certification is a good indicator a person’s knowledge is current.  


Upcoming Courses

Aug 9

BAC225 – CBAP/CCBA Certification Prep Bootcamp

Aug 16

SEC010 – Network Traffic Analysis Using Wireshark

Aug 22

TTJV76 – Node.js for Scalable, High-Performance Web Applications

Aug 23

PMM101 – Project Administration

Sept 12

MGT608 – Time Management



WashU hosts regional STEM summit

St. Louis area employers are looking for a workforce well versed in technology for currently available jobs and those in the future. To meet that need, educators are working to nurture interest in STEM education from the earliest ages. ​

Panel attendees included interns from MasterCard's Operations & Technology Headquarters. Photo credit: @sidranaseer